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I have lymphoedema in both legs and wear compression stockings. When I am abroad the heat makes me sweat and the stockings fall even with the glue, so I end up sitting on the terrace out of the sun.

At home I am also struggling with housework, walking as my legs especially the ankle hurts. I know there are many people worse off but I am so frustrated and feel inadequate at times.

I am lucky that my husband is so understanding but there is only so much I can ask him to do.

Any advice welcome

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I know where you're coming from, advice for hot weather is put your compression in the fridge and let it get really cold before you put it on.

Also keep your feet up when u can to encourage drainage. I dry brush every night and apply moisturiser to give the areas a bit of a massage.

Drink loads of water and green tea, hope this helps a little!😁

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Wthanks will try the stockings in fridge . I don't drink tea or coffee only hot water and sugar fee drinks as diabetic..

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Hi struggling

What I do for my leg with lymphedema so my stockings dont fall down I wear bicycle shorts, and put the bicycle shorts over the compression stocking and that helps it not to slide down.

Hope this hel

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I can sympathise with you on this ,but I'm lucky I only have The Big L on the right hand side of my body ..that being the Leg,trunk and quadrant and can and did affect my arms and face at one time . Do you ever feel warn out with it all so ermines I find I get a bit depressed not being able to stand to long or sit to long ,especially having osteo arthrities as well and when the psoriasis flares up ..Well I can get very annoyed with myself and am not very good company to say the least lol lol not to worry with a bit of luck the flare ups will soon ease up a bit..Meanwhile hope you are feeling better soon cheer up it will soon be Xmas hope you do like Xmas I love it takes your mind off of things we all need something to look forward to.


Dear Hepsibar

I use a roll on water based adhesive called KLEBI from a German firm called Schiebler. I get it from my lovely lymph. therapist at my local hospital. I apply a ring around my leg just below the knee where the elastcated bit that should hold them up is located. Then pull up the socks and they stay happily in position all day. Peel off carefully at night, wash and cream leg. The socks wash up with no glue remaining. I have had no adverse reaction to the glue which is great as I often react badly to lotions and creams and perfumes. Hope this will help you and anyone else who suffers from falling down support hose or bra straps etc.

Nan xxx


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