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Hi everyone, I'm new to this and would appreciate any advice you can give. I am caring for my 88 year old aunt who has severe cellulitis in both legs. She has visits from the District Nurse who dresses her legs every couple of days and following a Doppler test has been told she must wear compression stockings. Her legs are very sore and constantly 'leaking' and she can't bear the thought of compression stockings over her extensive bandages. Does anyone have experience of this please? How best should I advise her?

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  • Contact the Lymphoedema Support Network. They have a website and telephone help line.

  • Agree - LSN good idea to call.

    Ask the DN's if they could provide either Farrow Wrap or Ready Wrap - these are easy to apply compression garments that can be worn over dressings.

  • I had the same issue 4 yrs ago, I didn't have compression stockings on until most of the leakage had stopped, I had compression bandaging until then, I also had to take repeated courses of antibitics until cellulitis treated, this was all advice from wound care nurse who deals with lymphedema patients and it took time but it did work, ive had an occasional bout of cellulitis since then but never leakage, I control my lymphedema in both legs with compression below knee stockings. I hope you get more help and advice its not constantly available and a lot of health professionals of which used to be me are not up to date with treatmentsx

  • I agree that it would be good to get in touch with the Lymphoedema Support Network and ask for advice. I also think your Aunt needs antibiotics according to the Lymphology Society Guidelines, available from the LSN, and show this to the nurse and the GP and probably ask for a referral to a clinic that specialises in Lymphoedema and cellulitis management. Generally the advice is not to wear compression garments when there is active, untreated cellulitis - wait with these until infection and leakage has stopped. The only other thing that could be a problem at her age is differentiating between swelling and oedema due to heart failure and that due to Lymphoedema. I had this checked out at length as I am 71, and was not allowed to start any real compression until this has been checked.

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