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Getting around the house

I seem to post a lot this week but i am getting help and maybee the things that are helping me will help you . Cant do the housework well i am lucky i have 2 old computer chairs and my daughter put one upstairs and i ca sit and make the bed and it is on casters and i can slide into the bathroom and clean the loo and sink , i can also get to the draws and put cloaths away. This might seem a lit of rubbish but i have my indipendence even if it takes me a long time.

The second is in the downstairs and i can get to the kitchen -prepare vege and tidy up as well as dust the lounge.

Then daughter no 2 bought me a vacume re chargable and light -i can do the floor not perfect but i feel as if i am winning.

I am after the electric chair next not a new one as i havnt the cash but i will find one on E/BayAt this moment my lovely hubby and brouther in law are building me a ramp as i cant do the steps. They are 75 & 72 years .Some days i cry with the pain and some days i can belt around and those days you can catch up.

Love to all this site is great.

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It's so great to read about you getting such fantastic help from all your family members. With such people around you, you are already a winner!


Contact the council (if you're uk based). With advice from your doctor they will give you a wheelchair for free.

It takes about 8 weeks.


You go girl! I really hate having LE but I try to look at it as a life challenge. Something to learn from. The wau I see you is a person who accepted the challenge and won. Definetly a winner.


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