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Monday gone I have a lymphoscintigram done at guys hospital, because the last ten months both legs have swelled up and pains in my groin area and pains in my stomach I will get the results on the 8th July, when doing this kind of tests which taken three hours in total, from the neck down to my toes.. Will it pick up only on my lymph or will it also pick up on my heart, stomach and cervical area as well ? And my legs... Just a bit worried xxxx thank you in advance for any replys given

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In my opinion, your doctor might have found your heart working well. The test you did, will show how your lymphatic system works. Look up the name of the test, and you'll be able to see even photos of the specialists' findings.

Because of the heat, your problem will be a bit worse now. Try and keep your feet up. It might help. Good luck!


I have recently had this test done at St.Georges Hospital, I am returning there shortly to commence treatment. Once the radioactive dye was injected, I was scanned after a little while with a gamma camera scanning machine and then we had to wait two hours to repeat the scan. The scan has to cover from toes to neck as there are Lymphatic nodes in various places including the groin, neck and armpits which link to the Lymphatic System.

My husband and I went up to the excellent restaurant in the same building and had lunch in the interval. The staff in the unit were all very kind as were the consultant and doctor that I saw at the previous appointment. I am very relieved to at last be getting the treatment, the delay of two years and seven months, was caused by there not being any treatment available in Berkshire where I lived. I was eventually referred to Oxford and saw an Lymphoedema nurse there, but they could not offer the MLD and bandaging that I needed, only stockings, so then I was referred to St Georges. The delay has meant that my condition has become complex.

Best wishes



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