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Burning thighs

I don't know for sure why it happens but I get painful burning in my upper thighs. Most often in bed or when standing still too long when out shopping. It mostly tends to be thigh of my left (lymph.) leg. It often is numb to touch. I have been told it may be a nerve thing and Gabapentin does keep the amount of pain quite low. I was just curious if anyone else can relate to this.

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Numbness can be only related to the nervous system so maybe you can ask to be seen by a neurologist. In my opinion, this should be done quite soon.


Thanks Rebec



consider meralgia parasthetica.

Can be treated by a simple decompression of the lateral femoral cutaenous nerve of the thigh if conservative treatments don't improve things.

Hope this helps



Yes IF you're lucky. I have had two operations sadly both failed so im told  I am stuck with it for life. 


I can relate completely AlanK.

I have left side numbness from my ribcage down to my toes and have the burning sensation mostly in my thigh. I was referred "Urgently" to a Neurologist. I've had blood tests done and have an MRI scheduled for August 10th.

I encourage you to see your Dr as soon as possible regarding this.

Take care.



I don't know if you saw any specialist in the meantime, but I thought that maybe you should try and see your surgeon who is the only person who knows exactly what was removed during the surgery. I forgot that after my breast operation, there was numbness in quite a large area and for quite some time.

All the best



Hi Alank, yeah I know exactly how u feel. I feel this as well. Try to wear your garment and do lots of exercises, that will help.


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