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Help finding shoes that fit and aren't horrific looking

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Since the lymphodema has spread to my foot I can only tolerate trainers or boots but I really need work shoes. Can anyone recommend anywhere that makes wider fitting, practical but attractive shoes for work?

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Some of my clients go to Brantano and buy 2 pairs of the same design/colour in differing sizes. Far cheaper than using the usual high st shoe shops. They use TKMaxx too, but you have to be willing to break arms to get them when you find something, as their stock changes so quickly it doesn't stay on the shelf very long!!!

Not sure if you are male or female by AMH2. But Marisota and jd Williams hv shoe widths up to eeeee wide now. Apologies if i hv typos no glasses on, in bed. Hope this helps.

Try They go up to EEEEEE fitting.

Hi AMH2, like Lynora says you can get two pairs in different sizes, that's what I do. I go for the cheaper styles as it adds up when having to get two pairs every time. I mostly buy trainers and sneakers. I sell the lonely partners on eBay. The ones are sell are bigger left shoes and smaller right shoes, if you want you can see them on my blog.

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Hi there. I'm not sure where you are based but there is an amazing shop in Stratford upon Avon called ShoeMed - they are really helpful, professional and will do their utmost to help. They managed to help my son who has bilateral lymphoedema who is 20 years of age get some shoes to fit that didn't look like they should have been for someone in their 70's! I think they have a website too so you can check it out before planning a day trip?!

Are you getting any regular MLD massage? There are a couple of companies that do extra wide fittings; one of which is duoboots, basted in Bath; but also on-line. NNE

My dad and mother in law both have foot oedema and use Cosyfeet who sell extra wide + matching velcro straps if you need more space in one or other or both feet. Some nice work styles and new summer sandals range. Good sale or return system,VAT deduction for recognised conditions.

hotters do a wider shoe and wider shoes web site does lots of sizes , widths plus many styles , not a cheap option but practical. Evans in the high street also do a range of wider shoes.

I have the same problem and its taken me years and years to find suitable shoes. Try wider fit or DB shoes. You can also contact them to ask if there is a local outlet near you. I am able to order, go try on and if suitable buy. Shoes go up to 8E but obviously this depends on the style of shoe..... Good Luck.

Cosyfeet are excellent. Do lots of styles in a variety of materials. They have some excellent stretchy shoes that stretch with the swelling x.

Thanks everyone. By the way Brantano have 25% off this weekend!

Hotter or is it hooter seem very good. They can be bought online or from shops, have an excellent range of styles. I have friends who recommend them. I also get it in my foot and find kinisio tape really helps

Depends on how bad the swelling - if it's really bad, there sems to be only one supplier to go to and thats DB Shoes. They supply up to an 8E fitting which is big enough, probably, for most of us, but the range of styles in the larger fittings is fairly limited. You can look on their website to see if any appeal to you though :-

Remember, if you have lymphodema, you don't pay VAT on your shoes!

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