hi I have had a swollen left groin / hip /front top of same leg gp thinks rheumatoid arthritis, im in agony any ideas waiting for xray resul

awaiting xray results this began last sept an d at first was told torn ligaments of the groin then the swelling spread to my hip was told bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis, and now swelling in left top front of leg and slightly in stomach my stomach does swell anyway as I already have diverticulosis and a fused spine, I m a carer and take morphine for pain under pain management , I also have a heel problem something called plantis facillis or something like that any one have any ideas im in agony cant sleep on my side and have to use many pillows on the other side my left leg looks bigger at the top and feels heavier thanks

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  • When ever there is a swelling there is a cause. But when the swelling stays and is getting to big and is spreading out the cause might leave some edema. So i would says this to my doctor and talk to him about lymphedema. The earlier you get manual lymph drainage the better this will resolve. You do need to know from where the swelling is coming also. I have primary le and i fell which left me with huge swelling. Even then with my history the doctors wondered what it could be. The cause of the swelling in my case was clear: my accident. That it became so hugr was because aparantly i did not hav vessels to get the normal swelling back out so it stayed and accumulated. Docs made me do lots of unnessecary tests and diagnosed me too late so swellings is to stay. Here in some specialised (expensive) hospitals they give manual lymph drainage to a patient after any type of surgery cus it improves recovery and scar healing...so mld wont do you harm anyway i guess. Take care!

  • I have exactly the same thing with my primary lymphodema on my left hip. Raw agony it is. They told me arthrosis but I wonder if there is lymph fluid stuck around my siatic nerve. I am stil trying to find answers, so please let me know if you get and answer and I will do the same as if it is the same thing knowlege sharing may help :-) good luck I haven't slept pain free for months. Hope you do soon xx

  • Hi gnomes. I would for a Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist to see if MLD massage would help. It is very gentle and would work if inflammation or you have some fluid build-up. You will of course no more once you have your xray results. You will be able to find someone in your area by searching on the lymphoedema.org or MLD.org.uk. NNE

  • List of MLD therapists can be found here: mlduk.org.uk (typo above)

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