A useful tip:- I have found that following triple bandaging,

which I have had on constantly for six weeks. That wearing farrow wraps daily I wear support bandaging at night to try to keep the swelling down. The night bandages are nothing fancy just tube e grip in the right size for your thin leg.

It seems to be working and stops the night time swelling.

I am suffering from terrible exhaustion possibly from Fibro,

Any suggestions any one I have a run out of ideas!


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Thank you for telling me about the bandaging. Unfortunately this is impossible as I get a lot of itching and have to treat with cream. I am okay once in bed. It is the side fx of the bp medication that causes more swelling. I can live with the lympho but not with the painful back when walking, which is another issue I am trying to get more help with from the NHS - without much success. Thanks again. Finding shoes, etc. is hell but I have had some good suggestions from various people - for which I thank everybody.


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