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Hello People,

If you recall, I was going to arrange a will last week. With my mother as witness; I set the balls rolling. Fast forward to Monday, IT WAS A UNMITIGATED DISASTER. I had an "appointment" at University College Hospital for my Multiple Sclerosis. Going in an ambulance you could cook your turkey in, we reached in time. Going to the reception, came the words IT'S BEEN CANCELLED. (Now, I have been waiting to treat an ailment which is chronic for TWO YEARS, so I wasn't best pleased). "Apparently you've been double booked". *They booked an appointment with another section I am going too, but forgot to re-appoint to the correct section.

As a result, I WASTED ALL DAY DOING NOTHING. So now I have to go back to the GP for another REFERRAL LETTER. And to compound the day, MY ANKLES ARE SWOLLEN AGAIN!

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I sympathise with you ricci and wish the hospitals and clinics would understand what it is like to be messed around so much.

I often phone a day or two before to confirm i have the right time and place and there have been no changes.


ricci, i'm swearing under my breath on your behalf


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