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General weight gain

As well as having a hewge leg, I have gained a lot of weight very quickly (having struggled to lose it over the past couple of years). Nurse this morning said it is fluid, probably lymphatic fluid! Has anyone else experienced rapid weight gain like this, ie seven pounds in a week (whilst being so ill with cellulitis I was not even eating)!


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I must admitt I have wondered why my weight has gone on in just one place basically tummy seems to have inflated since I have had my legs in compression bandaging. Guess it is one of three things inactivity , lymphodema, or a tendency to store fat . I really hate this . xgins


I have lost and put on weight regularly in the past few years. For me, I think it is the inability to do any exercise, as my mobility is extremely poor. But I do think that the weight of the fluid doesn't help; I was told not to be weighed at hospital appointments as the excess lymph can add quite a lot to your weight. XX


Thank you all for replies :-)

I have had problems since surgery for malignant melanoma/lymph node removal in groin left leg in December 2012. I saw the Lymphodoema Clinic people this week for the first time and have been measured for stockings. In fact, due to bad bout of cellulitis (again) I have been unable to do very much at all over the last couple of weeks. Have had nurses giving me daily IV drip of anti-biotics, now back on oral a-b for next two weeks. However, the lack of inactivity means that the leg has gone down a bit, most problematic is the ankle as when it is swollen I have no real movement in it. I am usually an active person and I do miss being able to just 'get up and go'!

Thanks for being there, and dew yew all hev a nice day t'gether!


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