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I began coughing about 2 years ago after a bad case of bronchitis. I finally went to a pulmonary doctor who said I had chronic bronchitis and prescribed Symbicort which helped very little. I catch everything and am sick often which then makes my cough terrible. I began taking spiriva which has also helped some but I continue to cough at night and in the morning. I feel like I have never had control of this cough. I have never smoked one day in my life and am so concerned this is something serious. I have also had a chest x ray and ct scan of my lungs. I am currently taking a Abuterol, symbicort and spiriva and still am coughing a lot.

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I would ask your doctor if he can check your eosinophil count through a simple blood draw. Eosinophilic Asthma makes your immune system lower and causes lung inflammation which would be a reason for the coughing. Good luck to you!

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Also check neutrophils. Not as common but also a problem for some with me. 😀

Hi, I started the coughing this summer. Cough drops helped but the cough just seemed like it was in the bronchial tubes, upper chest, never deep. The nebulizer helped me. A friend told me to take Mucinex tablets, as an ENT doctor told her this. She had allergy coughing too. My cough went away when the grasses died. But I now have Mucinex in my arsenal. She said she got the knock off brand of Mucinex that the Dollar Store has on their shelf. Hope this helps you.

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I was thinking myself today to try taking Mucinex mentioned it to dr as I had an appt today n he said no that won’t help.

Go figure. Well it’s 3am n I can’t breathe because of all the mucus drinking cold water to try n thin out the secretions. Feel a lot of anxiety right now. Feel better writing about it keeping my mind off of my difficult breathing right now!!

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They gave me Mucinex in the hospital when I had severe pneumonia in both lungs. I think it helped more than anything else they did.

I also have a chronic cough which is the main symptom of my asthma. I went the pharma route & was on Advair, Prednisone, Albuterol inhaler, Zyzal & Nasacort. Did little to alleviate my asthma & 3 of the 5 meds are steroids. Did some research & found Native Remedies, a homeopathic alternative. I take RespoSoothe which calms the cough, Triple Complex BronchoSoothe which also helps the cough & chest tightness, Mucus Clear which helps with phlegm & congestion & BioVent which helps with lung/chest congestion. RespoSoothe is a spray & the others are droppers. I take most every 3-4 hours but can increase if I'm having a bad day or the pollen/air quality is bad. I was spending almost $100 for my asthma meds (co-pay) & spend about that much for Native Remedies, but feel I have much more control over my breathing without pharma/steroids. Good luck & take care - please do some research & see what you think...

im currently taking the same medication as you and i also have this cough that occurs at night before i go bed and in mornings nearly every mornin the doctor prescribed me some bromide could medicine but it didnt help. i didnt go a ctscan yet but were waiting to do a sleep test on me

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