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Can't sleep anxiety bad help

Hello I have had asthma most my life but I have not had any problems in 20 years but this year it got bad again in and out of hospitol had to get a home nebulizer machine on advair and keep having to get put on round after round of prednisone my biggest issue is it seems to get worse rite before I go to bed at night I been going days at a time without left I g myself fall asleep and then I get worse is it just my anxiety or should I realy be worried about stopping breathing when I fall asleep please help anyone who knows what I'm talking about

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Hi- I'm sorry your asthma has flared up after 20 years. I also have anxiety and sleep problems. Some meds can cause this. Other than that I take 2 Benadryl before bed and that usually helps me sleep through the night


I am so sorry you're having to go through this. I am on nebulizer and more. Few things that worked for me and getting sleep.

Take nebulizer treatments an hour or so, before bed. Followed by Acapella flutter valve and breathing exercises while airways are open from treatments. Warm shower. Herbal tea ( chamomile) and honey. Light reading in bed. I use a Kindle, so doesn't keep hubby awake. I use a gratitude journal as well. A real lift to see the positives and smile!

I use relaxation breathing too. Recently got an air purifier for bedroom and keep room dusted. This has really helped.

I am on Singular at bedtime for night time asthma symptoms. This has helped!

Benadryl if still can't sleep.

Have you talked with your asthma care doctor about this?

Praying you get some restful sleep.



Hi Kitty,

Mahad had some great advice on being your best before you go to bed. ALL of it sounds GREAT!

I use Benadryl to sleep too but I only take a 1/2 pill if I want to be able to function in 8 hours. Everyone reacts differently to this drug so keep that in mind the first few times you use it and be free the next day to be groggy if that is how you react. NO DRIVING till you know for sure. I say start out with a 1/2 pill and then a whole one or more until you learn how YOU react to it.

And about "...should I really be worried about stopping breathing when I fall asleep" your pulmonologist should answer that one. We on this page can offer our experiential advice but only your doctor knows your medical condition. That said. I would be shocked if you had a chance of stopping breathing when you fall asleep and your doctor has not yet addressed that with you. But anxiety is also something to speak to a doctor about. Best


Hello again! Definitely start 1/2 on banadryl until you know how it affects you. I am knocked out by it, so am very cautious about taking it. And I don't take it if I need to drive or do any "focus" work.

Breathing issues and anxiety are not good companions; but they sure like to hang out together. Do talk to your doctor about this. Many of us think we need to "just get over it" on our own, be stronger. We are strongest when we are willing to ask for, and accept help. Prayers!



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