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Living with Asthma
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Dust and change the weather allergy

Sir i have dust allergy and when the weather change i have lots of problems like sneezing and running water by nose and eye i have lots of problem that time

O am taking budecort 200 inhaler single a day

Sometimes i have chest congestion problem sometime to dificult to get the air what to do suggest me the best way to get out of this terrible problem

My whatsapp no is 9887189419

Thank you


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sounds like you'd benefit from a nasal steroid spray in addition to your steroid inhaler. Do you use a rescue inhaler such as Albterol when your chest gets tight?

In addition menthol cough drops have always been a help.


Sometimes it's difficult to breath fresh air specially when change the weather

And than i have to have budecort 200

Now show me the right path so that can i live a better life than this


sounds like you need an asthma or pulmonary specialist


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