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Price gouging? Qvar

Qvar is a corticosteroid that helps control asthma. It has been a great medicine for me. In the last 4 years I have personally experienced a rate hike from $40.00 for 1 Qvar inhaler to $200.00! I need this medicine, but it is cost prohibitive. I have private insurance and am not on Obamacare. If anyone knows of a petition out there to stop price gouging by Teva Pharmaceuticals, please forward a link.

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I believe it. Qvar was dropped from my insurances formulary so now I'm stuck with meds that don't really work. All asthmatics are experiencing the same issue. In fact, many are now going to Canada to get their meds cheaper.


As if January first I had to be switched from qvar to Flovent because my insurance doesn't cover qvar any longer as well. The qvar was working for me too.. Hopefully I will do okay on the Flovent:)

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