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Please let me help!

I have a son who is a 37 years old divorcee. I'm trying to share my opinion with him to help him look at all facets of his situation but he won't let me help. I divorced his dad because he was threatening and abusing me. My son is a good father and wants to do the best he can for his children. He recently quit his job as a teacher to do Real Estate full time. I'm constantly concerned that he will have financial issues I can't help him with. His dad is a millionaire but he doesn't help his children in any way. My son seems to think I'm pestering him and that my opinion has little value. How do I compose myself and keep our relationship growing and fruitful.

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Hi there you are being a good mother to your son he just doesnt how much yet! I wish I could crab him and shake some sense into him I lost my mother several years ago I think about her everyday is you son going to wait till its to late to be a good son! I would however say maybe the best thing to do is to give advice were you can but try not to let any problems you think he has I think he will approach you in due time! Maybe his change of career is a good one but try and keep that at arms length from your mother - son relationship! I truelly wish you all the best david 🐇


Thanks David I'll try it is so hard when you are concerned about someone to not let it be part of the conversation.


Please don't think I'm critizing you, you sound like a loving mother I wish I still had mine I have so much that was unsaid! God bless you 🙏

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