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Sores on the tongue

Has anyone ever had sores on their tongue and what could they be.

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I've had these before. Didn't see a doctor about it. Every once in a while I get them. Little sores,ache a little but tend to go away on their own after a few days. My thoughts are that they could be caused by stress, anxiety and Herpes Simplex -1. An inconvenient, but not serious virus that 70% of the population has already by kissing and sharing drink cups. You can get checked out by a doctor of you are concerned.


Hi you need to see a doctor as no one here is medically qualified to tell you what this is. It doesn't sound too serious though. x


Hello :-)

I get a sore tongue very often , you can actually get thrush which is what mostly causes mine in your mouth and on your tongue , my dentist told me this is very common in people that suffer with anxiety and she gives me a gel to apply

Believe it or not but your dentist is the best one to go to with these kinds of problems , usually nothing serious but because we suffer with anxiety and because it can be uncomfortable and they can reassure us and maybe prescribe something , I would see my dentist or if not Doctor and get the reassurance I needed :-)

Let us know how you get on , it could possibly clear up and never come back in a few days but remember your dentist or doctor can help recommend what to use as well as prescribe , in the meantime have you tried gargling with salt water ? that can help to :-)

Take Care x

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