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Living with Anxiety
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Hai guys

I started having anxiety since 4th grade. Or way before that.

I'm 23 now. Just working in a job that I'm close to being a year with.

I dropped out of two colleges.

First one was Art Institute and that was shutting down so I freaked out and got to community college after a month or weeks.

Second was community College and I lived by myself in an apartment but I didn't find a job and roommates so I moved in with my mom's old college friends.

I got out of there after not liking 8 weeks of my second job that I had to commute an hour to. I thought I could be cool with the people I was working with but sexual harassment happened and I felt lonely with all my problems so I had no idea I could call human resources.

I've been living with my mom, step dad, and step sister that's 10 years younger than me for almost 3 years.

I got fired in jobs before this current one. I also just left the jobs without two week notice. Well I guess just one. Other one before this current job I gave two week notices two or three times but I just wanted out before the date I said I would quit.

A lot of information about me.

Right now I'm just doing laundry and getting these things done before I get ready for work which is overnight.

I'm hoping my new position that's early/midday shift to night is gonna be much better. But I gotta be the one to know that.

I hope I'm making sense.

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Hello & Welcome Z239 :-)

You are making perfect sense as it sounds very much you don't like change and find it hard to settle and that is typical of how anxiety makes us feel

You are still young though and sometimes it can take experiences to eventually get us to a place where we know what we wan't in life and we settle down a lot more then so all the jobs , hiring and firing , collages put them down to experience and remember if we don't have these in life then how will we learn :-)

I hope you have someone or some support with your anxiety if you are struggling but now you have found this Community you will always have a listening ear when you need to get things of you chest so just come on and give us a shout when you need to , we may not always have all the answers but you will know you have someone to talk to , that won't judge and will understand :-)

Take Care x


Hai thanks for the reply.

I'm struggling with student loans right now even though I'm getting helped with student forgiveness.

A lot of other loans are under my mom's which I thought was mine too... So that has to be taken cared of.

I've been in a lot of dips really fast if that makes sense.

I'm on my period too so it's a lot of hectic stuff going on.


Hello again :-)

Another experience that lots of us go through is dealing with debt and it is an awful thing to deal with but hopefully because it is it will make us careful that in the future we don't get in to debt again

Not sure if you are in the UK but if you are they way we deal with most debts is to offer to pay them but at an amount we can afford , usually this will done by contacting who ever we owe giving them our in-comings and outgoings and then what ever is left over making an offer and most will accept it

When are hormones are all over the place our thinking tends to follow but recognising this is what is happening and just slowing down while you feel this way till it passes can help

Mistakes may have happened but as long as you are trying your best to put them right then you should feel proud of yourself as all we can ever do is try our best :-) x

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Thank you!

Nope I'm from America.

That's pretty cool. Sounds kinda like Denmark. Comparing a bit because they have free education. I have a friend there.

I've talked to someone in Happy App. I mostly talked and she listened. It's free for first call but if I wanna call other time it's $24.

I'm low on money right now so I can't call again.

What I did do is do not laundry. I just have dryer stuff now.

I ate bananas and drank water and also tea.

The tea is supposed to make me fall asleep so I can nap before overnight work. I'm feeling warm a bit.

My mind is still going haywire with plans and thoughts.

I don't end stuff well. Like this.


Hey! I’m going through a similar situation. I quit what I thought was my dream job a month ago. And now I’m like what the hell do I do from here. I have anxiety regarding it and seeing my siblings being settled makes it even worse because I’m constantly comparing myself. I have gone through some crazy stuff since last October and I’ve been super hard on myself. Sometimes I just Pat myself in the back and try to be patient and forgive myself. And then get back again at applying for more jobs. Good luck my friend. I am with you


Oh cool! Well cool that we had some similar stuff going on. Kind of.

I've been chasing guys a lot and being dependent on them.

The guy im dating right now is pretty extra in personality. He says he just wants to see me as much as possible. Sounds overwhelming since that was my plan for the other 8 relationships I had.

I do wanna see him too. But not to rely on making me feel better about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I've called him up to pick me up from my work after just two hours of working... And other times to come over to my house after his work.

Mostly called in sick because I was crying and felt dead after and before crying.

Emotions just went off the chain every week and I honestly just wanna have fun with my boyfriend.

I wanna take care of myself more. Selfish thought. But I'm in the lowest of low so how can I help people?

I have before... But aye adult now and I have lost touch with many past friends.


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