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Living with Anxiety
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My First Post

Hey everyone this is my first post on this site so I just thought I would share a little bit about a “ normal day “ for me.

Im 20 years old and I live a pretty normal life these days, full time job etc. I can hold myself together pretty well on the outside. I suffered a huge drug addiction for 3 years which I managed to overcome a year ago, but it’s definitely left it’s mark on my life. Everyday I’m battling myself whether it’s 24 hours of depressive thoughts and emotions, or 7 days of constant hyperventilation and panic. Some mornings I wake up and I feel like my heart is about to leap out of my chest. But I get regular health checks and I am 100% fine, the addiction didn’t leave much of a physical mark on me thankfully.

I get 1000 anxious symptoms in one day, all sorts of weird things that seem to be happening constantly, tingling down an arm or a sudden rush of fuzziness for example. The worst part is the fact that you know it’s your head playing tricks on you and a lot of you will agree with that. 99% of us are physically healthy, we just don’t feel it.

So I just wanted to tell you all a bit about myself and offer some reassurance that no one suffering is alone, we all are in the same boat, and are willing to support one another. We all know how hard it gets sometimes, thanks for your time ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello Charlie4444 & Welcome :-)

What a lot you have over come already at such a young age and well done you overcoming an addiction that shows just how strong you are because no matter what you can easily get addicted to kicking it and over coming it takes some real strength and well done :-)

I always think most that become addict to something there is always a reason and maybe yours was escaping how you felt which works for a while until the addiction becomes a worse problem than the actual cause that cause it !

So now it is living with reality again and dealing with how you feel and learning strategies on how to cope without a prop and you sound so sensible and mature for your age I am sure you will do this :-)

Reversing our thought process is one thing we need to do , and I presume you may have had some Counselling ? but as much therapy and support you can get does help and as well as you been so open and sharing to help others I hope you will get and seek out support that you deserve and maybe need to :-)

Talking to others in these Communities that know how anxiety feels I hope will help even if in a small way and thank you for letting people know there is hope and never give up :-)

Take Care x

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First of all welcome +and a big WELL DONE for beating your addiction. I hope you find loads of support on here. We all suffer with Anxiety/ Panic /worry . Each day can be a struggle ~but with friends to help ~we can all help each other when we can. You are not alone. 😊

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