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New strange symptoms

Everyday its something new. Over the weekend I started to feel really week shakey and my eye movements are off this time symptoms lasts for at least 2-3,hours a day. Hot tea helps a little and my bexoactin multivitamins. My heart have a weak feeling n during the night when ever I open my eyes I get a terrible feeling in my head like everything is scrambling back into position. For eg. (When the boss re enters the room and the workers run back to their stations), and I get a slightly falling sensation when I open my eyes. Idk if I will be,able to work this coming week cause im mostly weak and tired n worried. Any advice would help.

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Hello & Welcome

This Community is hopefully just coming back to life after a few years been quiet dormant so you may not get many replies but never the less keep coming back as more members that use the Community the more supportive it will become :-)

I had a quick look and you have young children , and the latest only 4 months old as well as you are working ? you must be shattered !

Sounds very much like anxiety symptoms even though I know we find it hard to believe that anxiety can create symptoms like this and our minds want to tell us it has to be something worse , something life threatening but it most cases it is down to anxiety

I have had all the symptoms you have described when I was at my worse , and not till looking back years later can I now see what physically anxiety can create

Have you been to the Doctors ? if not you need to , for peace of mind

As long as your Doctor has checked you out and they can find nothing physically wrong then you have to trust them as well as asking what they can give you to help you with your anxiety , if it be the medication route or the Counselling route or sometimes both

Things will improve but you need to get all the support you can :-)



OK I have a doctors appointment this Thursday.

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Hello Kerstindyer :-)

Good for you :-)

I am really pleased you have made that appointment and feel really proud that you have because I know how much it takes for us to pluck up the courage

Now make a list of everything you want to tell the Doctor and then if you get a little anxious when you are there you can get your list out which will help to make sure you don't leave anything out you want to tell them

Let us know how you get on :-)


I will definitely

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