I feel like iam losing my mind

I have like five things going on wit me and its driving me crazy i stay panic all the time my nerves in my body jumping i have high blood pressure acid reflux and going thru perimenopause i just need something to relax my nerves they at they worst spent two days in hospital they think i have a pinch nerve test be done in three weeks

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    Have you spoken with your Doctor about maybe prescribing something to help with your anxiety ?

    The Menopause can heighten anxiety symptoms as well as acid reflux been another complaint that anxiety sufferers seem to complain about because we are so anxious all the time we gulp a lot of air and do not digest our food very well

    You could also maybe look into some Natural products to help you with the onset of the Menopause , a Health shop or a chemist that ells them are very good at advising which products may be safe for you to take and would help

    I hope the test goes ok that you are having done and talk with your Doctor about some kind of support be it medication or some therapy

    Take Care x

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