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Comparisons and self-judging

One of my biggest flaws is comparing myself to others and, in my head, I never stack up. The funny thing is I was a VP at two companies. But I still don't think I deserved it or was good enough. The mind is so defeating.

He's smarter than me. She's stronger than me. He had a better background. She's accomplished so much more. He has more confidence. Etc etc.

Anyone else?

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Hello :-)

I know it is 10 months since you posted this and sorry you had no replies and I hope you are doing well and maybe still look in the Community as we are trying get it more active again :-)

But yes to your question to everything you mentioned

Why ? because I believe anxiety strips us of ant self worth and while ever we don't believe in ourselves it can keep some control over us , I hope since you posted you have more self worth and have started making progress in knowing you are as good as the next person and deserve all you achieve :-)

Take Care x


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