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Second guessing everything

I now work part time due to my anxiety but spend all my working and non working days second guessing everything I've done all week. It is exhausting, causes me to make more mistakes and phone work when I'm on days off. I can't go on like this but don't know how to stop. I took 2 weeks off work 2 months ago but I don't think it has helped. Anyone been in the same position or has found anything helpful? xxx

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I understand what you are saying anxiety is great at making us feel this way it keeps control by doing so

It is not easy but it is sometimes breaking these habits and thoughts and at first it may feel worse but then it does get better :-)

I don't have a crystal ball but all the second guessing we can do you would think we had !

All this guessing ask yourself where does it get you , answer will be no where

It is all about changing the thought process we have adapted and when you think abut it the one we have is driving us mad and making us ill so this one is not working so time to make change , not easy but take little steps , when the second guessing thoughts appear pull yourself up and say no to them , the more you do it does become easier

Hope you are keeping well :-)

Take Care x

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I really do need to try and question myself but I find it so hard in the moment. My fears are so real at that time. I must do better!

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Don't be harsh with yourself we can only try and every little achievement you manage give yourself some praise :-)

It is not easy but slowly you can do it :-) x


Yes, you sound exactly like me. I missed work today, and never called in. I'm sure I'm fired. But whatever I'm feeling now, sure beats the embarrassment and shame I feel in public.


Thats hard. what are your strategies to cope on good days?


I try not to think about anything. And I tell myself that I am just being paranoid, and that it will get better. But that only worked while I was taking 1mg of klonopin 3-4 × per day. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my mom come over and force me to take my meds or go to the doctor. But, I try not to worry her with it, so I usually wait until it's too late to ask for help. I have had several seizures from panicking, and I usually call her after I had the seizure. I have them so often that now I can even tell if I'm gonna have 1 that day or the next day. I don't drive when I feel like that. But, I still don't tell anyone that I knew it was gonna happen. I always feel like I'm just being dramatic and I think everyone else thinks that too. I'm so Sorry that I'm all over the place, I'm gonna have to call my mom because I will have a seizure if I don't. I'll try to give you an update later, hopefully I can get my meds because it scares the shit out of me and my family.


Try to breathe, phone your mum. Curl up under a duvet. Take care of yourself.


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