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Need help

I really wish that there were more LONG TERM mental health facilities in my area. The only one is a 1-5 day treatment to tweak medication. I am happy there is at least some kind of help but I need impatient mental health, prolonged treatment so that I could do more than two therapy sessions a month. I suffer from CHRONIC panic and worry and fear. As well as borderline-personality disorder, ptsd, social anxiety and bipolar disorder. I have a dark, dreadful overwhelming past that has what I believe to have made me the way I am now. I just want to go back to enjoying life before I reach 30 and find myself Ina similar situation.... Any tips or places that take insurance for treatment would be so appreciated!

God. Bless

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So sorry I cannot help with your question as you have mentioned Insurance I feel you might be in America and I am in the UK so I have no clue how Insurance works as we are fortunate to have the NHS where we get all our treatment free

If you ask this question on Anxiety Support you may get some advice as more people seem to look and post on there

Good Luck getting the answers you need :-)

Take Care x


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