Living with Anxiety
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Worrying about feeling like this

So I've been really worried and I'm physically feeling it. I feel like my chest is super tight and this full feeling. Also feels like I'm not breathing right and then my palms get sweaty and I get this feeling like I'm weaker on one side. The weak feeling doesn't last too lone though. I was on birth control for over a year and then I switched to the shot. Then after being on the shot for a year I stopped birth control for a while, but Then I decided to start on the pill again. I had my period the past 2 months, but its a couple days late thia month. I have this feeling like my heart isn't pumping efficiently and I think I'm worrying myself to sickness. Ugh. I'm all worried the something is really gonna go wrong. Please give me any feedback or advice. It almost feels like I'm forcing myself to breathe too.

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