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Living with Anxiety
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Afraid to go out

Today is not very good I need to.go and get some messages but anxiety is setting In having mad thoughts if I go out I'm going to collapse. Or even die have.my.little one with.me and wouldn't like her to see me sick use to hv a buggy to hold me up but it shaped yesterday terrible way to feel I.know it's all in.my head but imagine all these mad thoughts

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How are you today? I have the exact same crazy thoughts. I have always suffered with anxiety in the past but have been able to control it. Since having my little one 8 months ago my anxiety has been the worst it has ever been. I too have a fear of collapsing or dying whilst out alone with my baby and it terrifies me. I also don't won't him to see me sick but the worst thought it what will happen to him if something happens to me, who will look after him? I know it's all in my head but I hate it. X


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