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I hate anxiety!! 😢😓

First of all I just want to say anxiety sucks!!! I've had it for almost 10 years!!! And it's got be thinking any day I could die by passing out or in my sleep. I can't go to sleep unless my body is calm and I could breath. I hate feeling sick every day it's always some thing.. And I know it's anxiety but I still find my self Googling stuff to see what it is I'm having these sytoms from. It's driving me insane and not that it's kept me from being social but not having a good time I'm miserable!! Head always foggy pressure can't breath and blurred vision my body is always aching and numb and tingling!! And death is all I think about I hate the though of all the time!! It scares me!! I look in the mirror and I'm like my face looks pail or my hands look pail. and I'm always crying thinking why me!! Why do I have to deal with this I just want it all to go away so I could live my life like a normal person. I don't know what it feels like to be normal I haven't felt it in 10 years!! May you all be Blessed with healing!!

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I could relate to so much how you feel

I suffer even though not as bad with Health Anxiety and been trapped with these thoughts of something is going to happen everyday can feel like you are living a nightmare , it strips everything from you !

Are you getting any support ?

You really need to go & see your Doctor & ask for some and if you are getting some you need to be telling them something more needs doing because you are not getting any better

As I read your post though you can see from an outsider that deep down you know it is your anxiety you just don't know how to move forward which in a way is a positive because with the help you will be able to do this

When you get these thoughts try & tell yourself for today nothing bad is going to happen

When you get the urge to look through the mirror to judge how you look try & resist

Please leave Google alone , it is not your friend , only your Doctor can tell you if there is anything wrong , Google can not examine you neither has it your medical History so again when you get the urge do something else instead even if it is to browse on here rather than asking Google

Have you tried putting an elastic band around your wrist and when you get a negative thought or feeling , flicking it to give you a reminder that this is your anxiety and nothing else

Hope you get the help you deserve :-)

Take Care x


I know! I worry that I have something that is killing me( more than whatever I actually have) even though my tests say no. I read those stories about people whose drs miss something. I hate that what might not be serious seems serious- right now, I woke up with dizziness,lightheadedness, off balance. I need to hold on to the wall or a chair to get simple things done(and they have to be done- bathroom, feed dog, the simple things!). This kind of day happens rarely but more frequently than in the past. The progression of symptoms that I have so much difficulty accepting is my future.

I have cut back on things- saying no to people who are used to my saying yes. I have begun to tell people that I am not well because I do not want people to misunderstand why I am saying no. I have not said what is wrong - it is relatively new- or at least with these symptoms- I tell them (truth) I have severe nerve compression and other spine issues and my drs are investigating (which is true). This is the fibro- the anxiety has been there forever but with the fibro- it all gets worse.

I worry that I will not get the important things concerning my family done. Just as I was ramping all that up(as I should have earlier- but hindsight is 20/20, right?) in the past 1 1/2 years, this hit hard about 6 months ago. When I feel ok, I try to get the important stuff done(really need to get some legal paperwork done- never know what day will be ok). Maybe I have another 30 years(which would put me in my 90s)- but I feel like I have to get it together a little bit every day now


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