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Pain under left breast, heart feels like it's racing

For the last few days I've had this strange pain under and to the side of my left breast, also feels like it's beating fast. I've also got a feeling of chest is tight but I feel it's down to the muggy weather. I'm on new birth pills and wondering if it's that causing this problem or is it me worrying about it. I will go and see my doctor in the week but I am worried about it. I know my heart is under my left breast or near there, but maybe if I stop worrying I will be ok

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Think we can get the odd pain here & there but when we have changed medication or something we can instantly start to feel anxious if it is that when it could be something like trapped wind as you can get that there , a little pulled muscle and many more little things causing it but if we can ignore it the best we can these little niggles usually go just as quick as they came but if you are concerned then it will be wise to mention it to your Doctor :-) x


You are so right Tigger. I've also noticed my legs and arms twitch now and again too and that drives me mad. I know it's nothing too bad but can that be anxiety? I will ask the doctor this too


Yes I think it can be as we have nerves all over the body so when we feel worked up they can twitch sometimes ....I am sure your Doctor will put your mind at ease over this :-) x


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