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Living with Anxiety
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Feeling wonderful

I'm still feeling wonderful and not feeling anxious anymore. For anyone who is suffering from anxiety, I know it's hard, but just try to relax and breathe, read a book, do art and craft stuff. Watch a movie, do something to get your mind off things. It takes practice to learn, you'll get there. I learnt to accept it and learnt to control it. Once you have accepted it, it will go away. It takes time to take control. My doctor told me not to argue with the anxiety, it will get worse, will feel drained. I do get some bits and pieces of the anxiety, it goes away pretty quickly.

Try smiling, even if you don't feel like it, it will make you feel better.

Listen to music and sing and dance. Try not to think about the anxiety so much, go and sit outside and read a book and listen to music. I wake up smiling and go to bed smiling, it's because my anxiety is almost gone. Like as I said before, try to relax and breathe. Take care everyone.

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A lovely positive post to read with lots of encouragement for others :-)

I hope it long continues for you & well done getting your life back :-)

Take Care x


Hi how did you manage to control it 😔


I had to learn to take control and now I am anxiety free. I feel much happier than ever.


Lucky you i hipe we all do


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