Ouch! Boil on my bum

Holy moly, I am deep in pain with a nasty boil on my bum. I've had a strange feeling sitting down since Sunday night but didn't worry about it, now the pain is worse and now it's hard to sit down. I've seen a doctor who told me it's a rather horrible looking boil lol and got some cream to see if it removes it. Any tips to help with this pain and sitting down? I'm trying to sit down on the other cheek but it's not easy. Fingers crossed this pain goes away soon

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  • Hello

    Sounds painful & what a place to get one :-o

    I have no suggestions other than what you are already doing but I hope with the cream it clears up quick :-) x

  • Tigger it's horrible but I think it's burst lol. I am still using the cream till it goes for good. I am not sure how it got there but it;s the worse pain ever!

  • Hello

    If it has burst which does sound painful it should settle down now ....fingers crossed :-) x

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