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Feeling Down

I've not been on here for ages, life has been good. Yesterday I got out the car and my Dad laughed at me and telling me I've got a limp. I've never noticed it before and now and again my right ankle hurts, muscle pain. Now I am full of anxiety and worry, do I limp? What is going on. I know my Dad doesn't mean to be heartless or laugh at me but I am not happy today. I will spend the whole day watching how I walk

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Oh Dads they are men & they think somethings are funny & say things before they think , all Dads do it , mine use to come out with some right things that would upset me

I am sure it was harmless & like you say if you had a limp you would have known by now , try & push the thought behind you because we will convince ourselves we do have something if we keep focusing on it to much

Take Care x


Hi, not been on here for ages but just seen your post. I know it's not easy but try to ignore your dad's comments, I'm sure you'd know of you had a limp. Was probably just because you'd just got out the car, but if you are worried please Foy see your gp for some reassurance. Jules x


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