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Living with Anxiety
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Do I work or not

It may seem like a very stupid post

But I have a manager that doesn't understand I am a student and treats me different to the full time workers

Next year I will be on a BA honours degree and I don't know if I should still be working

My manager said to me 'degrees can go wrong, and if they do you have a job, my friend always said a job is more important then Sacrifacing everything'

But I'm taking a degree to work in somewhere I love and feel at home at, and there's options for me to,do this, I appriciate the manager has said there is a job for me there, but his always incinerated I quit

I'm confused I know my part time work isn't where I want to be, and next year I'm at a work placement in a school, should I quit niw so I don't have the manager on my back

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No post is stupid if it is making you feel anxious & sounds like this situation is doing just that

We can ask others for opinions & get even more confused sometimes even though it is good to have different points of views but then ultimately we have to do what is best for us & no one else as we only have one life to live & that is our own so above everything we have to try & keep ourselves happy & not others as they will live their life's just how they want to so we should to

But making a decision like this can be a tough one as we can feel so afraid of the "What if's" usually involving if we make the wrong decision & sometimes in life we do but it is not a crime to make the wrong decision but a learning curb & the more we learn the more we become able to make decisions as life always throws them at us :-)

I get the feeling that maybe you are not happy in this job & deep down you would like to leave but you want someone to maybe tell you to do that so if it goes wrong you would not feel as bad & could say well they told me to leave , I may be wrong & I only say this as it is something I have often done or wanted to hear but no one will tell us what we want to hear so we have to take that chance hope it pays off but if not know it was right for us at that moment in our life & other things will come along

I would get two pieces of paper

One put all the positives of staying in the job & on the other side put all the negatives of staying in the job

Second piece of paper put all the positives of leaving the job & on the other side put all the negatives of leaving the job

When you have finished see which comes out on top , that could be your answer & you may see it more clearly written down rather than everything floating around in your mind making you feel so anxious

Hope you come to the conclusion soon & always remember this is your life to live & no one else's so enjoy it as much as you can :-) x


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