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Trying to recover

Hi I have been suffering from anxiety most of my life, of have lost my psychiatrist Now that I am on Medicare and cannot find a new provider anywhere. I had then going to Urgent Care at the last couple of months to have my lorazepam refill but now they are going to taper me off of it I am glad but at the same time I am very scared anyone have. any tips for me to help get past the anxiety without using the meds? Please help!

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I am sorry to see you have no reply & not sure if I can help any but I sense that maybe you are not in the UK with the kind of care you are receiving ?

I can imagine you will feel anxious though after taking a medication that must have been helping , it can be like a crutch & you must feel like someone is about to pull that from underneath you & expecting a fall but try & think that instead of falling you will be walking tall :-)

They will or should wean you of very gradually that hopefully you wont notice hardly , I am sure they now what they are doing & if at anytime you feel it is to much for you then speak up & let them know so they can give you the best care that you need with this

Take each day as it comes & tell yourself you will deal with that day only as we only have that day to deal with even though anxiety tries to get us dealing with everything all at once causing more anxiety when we do

Good luck & I hope you get some more replies soon x

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Thank you for the kind words and thoughts I very much appreciate it!


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