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Hypochondria ? Hi all , so I suffer from pretty high anxiety disorder. I am not on any medication buy I am in recovery which i am doing on my own with a lot of help from the Internet and different books. I am doing well and daily anxiety level from 10'went down to 2 maybe 3 which is massive difference, right ? So today morning i have waken up with upper right back pain and the pain has been moderate during the day . I take few ibuprofens and heat pad . The pain isn't gone and now I'm laying in bed worring that maybe this is something more serious. I cannot stop thinking about even that I tried to distract myself with book or iPad. I do wonder if maybe I do suffer with hypochondria ? I worry about my health all the time since the anxiety started sudently about 6 months ago. Anyone in similar situation ?

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You have been doing really well , but when we have anxiety we have to accept that sometimes we may dip now & again

We have had one way of thinking for so long & even when we reverse this thinking now & again that old thinking will creep back in , but don't be hard on yourself but try & accept it & it will pass again , you should feel proud of all you have achieved in helping yourself :-)

We will all get aches & pains now & again & sounds like you could or have a tendency to suffer with health anxiety ? So now & again when you feel something is wrong your first reaction maybe to fear the worse but you have the answer in your post that you took a painkiller , used a heat pad & the pain went ...would be very unusual if it were to be anything serious for it to go that quick & deep down you will know that to , but that little anxiety will try & creep in to tell you otherwise , don't listen to it & it will go away ;-) x


Yes, my severe anxiety actually mostly is hypochondria which has caused agoraphobia-the fear of being alone or driving alone or going to far away from home or a hospital if I were to get sick. It does sound like you have hypochondria. Keep doing your self help and just let the thoughts be. We can change our reactions to them with practice and this always helps to diminish anxiety. I've overcome this before myself. :)


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