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Slurring words and difficulty swallowing

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted here. In the last week or so my anxiety has increased a lot again. I am having trouble when speaking, I feel as though I'm slurring a little and dragging out my S's. Every now and then I find it hard to swallow, never with food.. Just saliva. Almost like I have to concentrate to be able to do it! Are these symptoms common in anxiety? They are scaring their out of me :(

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yes these r I ben havin some new ones that I was scare of but iam tryin to get control of things iam on meds but iam scare to took but tomarrow I give them a try


Hi missinboo

Thanks very much for your reply! This site is great for any worries that you have. I have been great and really on top of my anxiety! Try not to be scared to try some medication, for me it really was the starting point of me getting a lot better. I take mirtazapine each night and lorazepam as and when needed. At first, the lorazepam made me calm enough to gain control of things. That was just 1mg - twice a day. Now I just have a box of 1mg that I take when I I feel I need to and a box of twelve lasts me about 3 months. You can maybe take the medication until you feel more in control. I am so much happier now, I eat properly, swim for exercise and read a couple of self help books. I can honestly say I am pretty much anxiety free for a few months at a time (which is great) then I do have a couple of days where I feel a bit rubbish and have symptoms that are not great. But I just go back to basics and this doesn't last too long! What medication are you going to try?



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