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Why do my legs and hands shake after an anxiety attack?

I have an anxiety disorder and I do get anxiety attacks frequently. But this is very new to me. I was cooking dinner for my little brother and I. About five minutes after I finished cooking, I believe I had an anxiety attack. This one was different than any of the other ones I get. My legs felt tingly and somewhat numb, after this happened they were still shaky and my hands are shaky now.

Also, I noticed that when I have an attack, my heart will feel like it's pounding out of my chest then it'll suddenly stop, and it feels like I have no pulse. But I do.

This is new to me and I've been having attacks since I was 14, now im 18. I just find that weird.

Please help a worried girl out.

Thank you.

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This is a very common symptom that comes with panic attacks , some however never experience this , others do with each panic attack & then like you it may just happen now & again but it is nothing to fear

During periods of anxiety, adrenaline is being pumped into & around the body

It's the reason that we shake before a big test, or when confronted with a dangerous situation. Your body is essentially preparing to run.

You receive these rushes of energy & your body starts to shake as a result

It can cause you to feel very distressed but as you calm down it will subside x


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