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looking to change mirtazapine

anxiety is new to me, last 3-4 months. was on duloxetine. at that time stress/depression was my main problem. changed to mirtazapine about 6 months ago. don't think they work for me as get really anxious/feeling overwhelmed/cant stop crying. off to get blood results in morning and possibly change mirtazapine. any suggestions appreciated. thanks x

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Hi Ease x I am not much good with medication unfortunately but wanted to come and say hi and let you know someone had read your post, I'm sure someone else will answer who may be more helpful x It sounds to me as if the medication you are currently on is not working for you and there are so many to choose from its really a test and wait to see what happens game x What works for one is not good for all, but I am sure that your doctor will steer you right x There are also talking therapies you could try such as cbt x :) I hope you manage to get this sorted asap and begin to feel better soon x Donver


Hi easedale

I have anxiety but have not taken medication but from what I have read from other members & seems to be quite common is that sometimes it can take trying one or two before you find what suites you the best & then it seems once you have then members have posted how well they are doing :-)

Seems like the ones you are taking are not suiting you so I would have a word with your doctor as you need to maybe come of them & be prescribed another one but under the supervision of your doctor

Good luck with your blood tests & let us know how you get on :-)





thank you for your replies. i have tried different ones over the years and they seam to work for a few years. citalopram was a definite no no. sertraline was mentioned on my last visit to drs but have heard this mentioned on this site and so thought i would try to find out more. thanks again x


Hi yes I have seen members who have said they are on or have tried sertraline to

I think though like I said it can be what suites you the best & we seem to differ slightly sometimes what does but would be worth asking :-)


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