Living Well with HIV
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Lonely since 2007

Hello, my name is Linda. I am hiv+ since 2001 and it change in 2007 to aids. I am always depressed and stress because the way people treat me when they find out. When I am with other people that have it; I feel like a three wheel because they have a partner with them. Will I be alone for the rest of my life? Why do I feel like giving up all the time or I just want to die? I have no friends because they do not understand or care. The only reason that I am still here is because of my youngest son.

My body do not belong to me anymore. A creature that has taking over; when I am enjoy myself it makes me sick or I find a new spot that hurt at the end of the days. I know I have to live with it but why we can not work together. Why do it have to have the last say? I have rights too. Since this creature came in my life only thing I can count on is being depress every day. Taking a lot of medicine and can not sleep. Why me?

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I am trying to get courage for testing because i think i have HIV.... but regardless I am getting deep feeling to reach out and support / befriend ones who are so hopeless, i am finding hope, even if i am negative i have had terrible struggles in in America where are you?


Where in America?


DON'T GIVE UP. turn 2 God. I have been + since Jan 2015. I recently gave my ALL 2 God. My rights & wrongs. I've been thru a lot myself. I am here 2 talk plz he not in this battle ALONE!!! I CAN HELP. My name is Caleb Cogburn if u have a Facebook Caleb Blake Cogburn. Talk 2 me