Worried that my hiv was a false negative

My hiv test was negative but it was taken only 3 weeks after risk of exposure .

It's now 4 weeks and I still have a sore throat a swollen lymph node under my right armpit and night sweats ( no temperature ) .

I'm worried the hiv test was a false negative result as the blood test was less than 4 weeks after risk of exposure

Should I worry and what should I do ? x

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  • Wait atleast 2 months then get tested. Those are strong sings of HIV hope you don't have it ! Bless you

  • Hey Let us know what are your result. You should take the 4th Generation test....its accurate after 28 days of exposure. Did you ask your " high Risk " if they got tested. You should...maybe it can ease the anxiety while you wait for your results. I will be praying

  • Thanks

    Believe me I asked her

    She refuses to even take a test ,let alone contact me now which has made me more worried 😩

  • Hi Givemefreedom, it might also help to start taking PrEP. You should ask your doctor about it. If you have questions there are a lot of resources available and you can access it for free through Gilead. But you would still need to be monitored by a doc by getting lab work done. Hope this helps! :)

  • Hi my exposure risk was on 8/2/17. So isn't that not an option now ? 😊

  • It might still be an option. Maybe PEP is an option as well. I'm not sure about time frames and when it would be better to take PEP vs PrEP, but I think it would definitely be beneficial to bring up with a doctor just in case it can be an option. :)

  • Yes its too late for the PrEP. That should have been takdn 72 hours after exposure. However taking PeP has serious side effect, therefore its better to take when you know your statas immediately. Case hence I said take the 4th gen test. Its been 28 days already

  • Go and take the 4th Gen test now.... Its been after 28 days. Let me know the results. Good luck

  • I'm in the UK , is that the 20 min test blood test , where the result is reactive (positive hiv ) or non reactive ( negative hiv ) ?

    I have booked an appointment for 23rd March 2017

  • The rapid test is second generation, which means it can take a couple of months before antibodies are detected. The 4th generation test others mention is a newer, more sensitive test. If you go to a doctor, the test can be sent out to a lab. Most walk-in testing places are using point-of-care tests that are done on site while you wait.

    And just to clear things up, PEP is post-exposure prophylaxis and needs to be started in 72 hours of exposure, though sooner is better. If you're at risk, then you may want to consider taking Truvada daily to lower your risk. That's called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. When you're on PrEP, your blood is monitored every three months and you're getting regular STD testing, so it's a way to maintain your sexual health.

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