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Living well and feeling fine

Hi I am Ron. I was diagnosed with AIDS in December 2002. I have been undetectable since June 2003. I have been on the same basic meds since May 2003. My life has has had ups and downs but I am living and feeling well. I have a great team at Wake Forest Baptist here in Winston Salem North Carolina. I have a small circle of great friends and I have educated all my new friends on HIV. I have been very open with my status and it has never been a major problem in my life. Where I live there is so many people who hide their status. I have never felt the need to hide mine. I know that some people may have rejected me because of this but in the end if they were that shallow and closed minded then it was for the better. I don't have time to drag someone kicking and screaming in to reality. I want to live and enjoy all that I can in life doing the things I like to do and with people that love me. Peace out. Warp one Mister Sulu

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Hi Ron, hope you're doing ok.

I just have a doubt, were you diagnosed with AIDS already or just HIV? Mind you, is not the same thing. Having HIV doesn't mean you have AIDS.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It’s the virus that causes HIV infection.

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.

When you are diagnosed with AIDS you already are on the advance stage of the virus which causes your inmune system not to be able to fight propertly any kind of sickness.

Right now, as you said you are undetectable, which is teling me your inside system is responding well to your meds and you CD4 cells are high, therefore your body can fight any infection and the virus (which is what you have) it's under control.

So please, clarify with your doctor what is your actual status.


Edgar, from NY

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I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2002. Yes it was advanced T-cell count 50. I responded well to the meds and was undetectable by June or July 2003. My T-cell count rebounded getting to healthy levels by about August or September

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I'm glad for you then, for getting healthy that quick.

Keep it up!


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