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Facility to get treatment whiout a US medical prescription

I would like to know if there is a place or organization who provides retroviral medicines when a foreing is visiting the US and and his medical prescription does not apply here? Whom may he or she to contact so that can receive a help to get medicaments? If you have any email or information, I'd thank you!!

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In the United States, medical services are provided on the local level. You'd need to sign up for care at a clinic and they would enroll you in Ryan White services. The doctor may want your medical history sent from your current provider. They will want to test you for resistance liver and kidney function and more. At that point they'll prescribe something.

If you're here for a short stay you should bring what you need to take during your visit.


Thanks for answer!

I brought medicines for a couple of month but my medical service did not give me more than that however someone was authorized by me to receive it and send me but I don't know whay those medicine so not even here.


I think it is unnecesary a testbfor resistance if I have been prescripted 3 years ago and I brought with me a copy of my doctors prescription as a proof but anyway it is not valid here. Medical prescriptions are not valid everywhere.


Ask your doctor before you leave for a larger prescription because your traveling. Most will do it. Also there's the Health Department where Ryan White will help you out. But they will probably do tests to confirm everything.

Good Luck


Tahnks for replying!

I have the copy of doctors prescription butbit is not useful here because it belongs to another country.

On the other hand I brought a treatment for a couple of months who is maximum and somone else wasauthorized by me to pick my medicines and send them to me meanwhile I am here but the treatment has not arrived.


When I first came here to the us to stay, I had to undergo through all the test again, same test I underwent in my country. And they also requested a copy of my medical record.

It doesn't matter wether you have been with hiv for three years, if you want medication you will need to get tested again and provide all paperwork the request.

Ana I told you on a separate note, once you go to a clinic they'll sign you up with ADAP, and the unisire care program, which means the will pay for your medication.

That's is in the event you are staying permanently in the us. If you are not, then you do not qualify for the program.

As I told you, you need proof of address, income, and how you came to the us (copy of your passport/visa).

This is all I had to do, and that's why I'm telling you.


Thanks again for your corteous reply. Now I think it is absurd and ununderstandable that I can receive in the US my treatment where I come from. I do not really need any organization, in the meantime, gets my medicines for my treatment. Indeed this is very troublesome.


But you have to understand you're just passing by, you're not staying here, if you were then yes, you would get treatment, but why didn't you bring enough medication for your stay here in the us?

That's nor their problem, it's yours. Now deal with the consequences


As far as I know, in order for you to get treatment you have to apply for ADAP in the state you are in, and for that you need a proof of address, permanent in the state. Therefore I don't think that just for being a visitor with a prescription from your country you can get help.

ADAP is the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, they pay for the medication for uninsured individuals with HIV/AIDS.


Thank you!

I have tried to communicate with a Ryan White branch and I still waiting for an answer. I do not know if they also coordinate ADAP or is another institution.