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I'm scared and alone

Hi , I had unprotected sex with a high risk person on 8th February and since that time I have had a persistent sore throat and now almost daily night sweats which means I have lots of trouble sleeping

I had a rapid 20 min Hiv test on 27th February which was non reactive and my bloods were taken at the same time and I'm waiting for those results .

However I am so scared that I have hiv and I have no one to talk to

Can anyone give me any advice

I hope you can help

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Hi there is no need to be afraid just relax I am 18 years old I had found out I was HIV positive last year I was losing weight rapidly there was no sickness to say okay let me see what's happening when I find out I was so sock I couldn't cry are anything but there was two persons whom I but my trust in and I told them about it but deep down I was afraid of what people might say about my weight I was so glad when I started taking my meds now who knows if I have HIV no one



Thanks for getting in touch

I am still waiting the blood test results so let's hope the blood tests results are negative

It's not knowing and these flu like symptoms are getting me really down

How long did the meds take effect?

Where there any side effects of the meds ?

Have you gained weight ?


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Oh for sure when I start taking my meds I started gaining weight rapidly the side effect last for less then two weeks just dizzyness was the main thing but I had to bare the dizzyness and act nomal it was not easy just continue pray but it is not the end of your life I want to be a pastry chef if a doctor who have HIV why I can't become a chef


Thanks 🙏🏻


Sounds like false alarm to me i think testing more likely to relieve you


Hey, you will be fine. I was in the same situation, I even had the same sintoms.. the rapid test came out as reactive (positive ) but thanks god the blood test came out as negative....


I hope so , thanks for your reply

So how are things with you


I know how you feel I've been alone myself I haven't had anybody to talk to but you also have to think you have yourself and you have to be strong and that's what I would tell myself it hurts and everything but you have to think positive


3 mounhts HIV lab test give you answear, but you can test at 6 week first, 4gen ab/Ag HIV test , then 3 mounhts


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