Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy
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I'm trying to buy a new wheelchair; I have an NHS wheelchair, a powered chair that I use at work, and a small scooter that I use a lot by myself - i have a boot hoist in my car, and this gives me my independence.

I would like to replace the scooter, probably with a wheelchair, but I'm going round in circles trying to make a decision. Has anyone experience of any private physio or other service who has some independent knowledge and could help. I find NHS services understandably only know about what they can provide - it would help me enormously to find something with more flexibility than an NHS power chair, and I have some money tucked away I'd like to use for this.

Happy to travel if needed, I want to make a wise purchase!

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My friend is a wheelchair bound and he even use power chairs and mobility scooters he is completely satisfied with them. I want to buy wheelchairs for my grandfather so he suggested me few sites like Spinlife( ), Hoveround and few more you can check them out they are having excellent products at affordable prices. Hope it helps.