Adult therapy involvement

Hi everyone! My name's Dave and I'm new to this site. It was suggested to me by Bobath therapist Kirsteen and I just thought I'd take this chance to say hey! Also did anyone get a letter from Glasgow uni asking if they wanted to be interviewed by someone from the disability research team? I had a researcher come and interview me about my experience with the adult therapy service at Bobath Scotland. As well as receiving therapy sessions, I also do voluntary work at Bobath, both usually on Wednesdays. Just wanted to know how everyone feels about everything and introduce myself. If there's a better post where everyone gathers, please point me in that direction! I guess if people are attending Bobath I might see you there occasionally. :)

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  • Posts is the place to post your blogs. If you have a short question then post under questions. I haven't started with Bobath yet but will soon.

    You might want to message hannah she volunteers for Bobath. please feel free to contribute to posts and questions.

    Thanks for your support :)

  • Thanks for letting me know! I think I've heard of Hannah :) no problem.

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