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Fear of PIP

Hey guys

I am so frightened of the new PIP assessments. I'm not due until 2015 - I've had DLA at high mobility and medium care rate for thirteen years - but I recently had a WCA for ESA at which it was decided that I had 'no significant functional impairments - spastic diplegia, partial sight, very restricted use of right arm, epilepsy. My appeal was dropped following six doctors' letters - but it was horrible - sorry this is childish and I'm really frightened of the DWP now. I don't think about them the whole time because I have a busy life, but when I do I'm petrified. I resent this because I'm not generally afraid. Does anybody else feel like this and have you found ways of managing the feeling? The rest of my life is quite good - I'm just frightened of the DWP.

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try not to worry too much about it,x

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I've just been for .assessment for cerebral palsymy leg gave waybecause the floor slipperand shinyi had to be wheeled out they were very nice to me was embarrassed for being wheels outbut in the end i did not care glad it's all over my name is marie


I know it's easy for others to say, but try not to let it get to you. It's natural to be concerned about the changes - I am, the way I deal with it is I have the attitude of the changes (for me anyway) aren't for another couple of years, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. And you never know, there might be some sense injected by parliament to sort these 'tests' out. I would also say, write to your local MP about how this is affecting you. The more people that lobby politicians, the more attention this will get.


Dear NCNW 12

I to have Cerebral Palsy, I have been on DLA/Mobility Allowance for 30 years. Like you I am a very confident person but yes I am concerned about the PIP test

How I cope with it is in a number of ways.

The first thing is that like you I recognise that it is not straight forward and I am preparing myself for when the day comes to go for the assessment,

The way I am preparing for when I will be assessed is that I have started to gather evidence on the difficulties I have on a day to day basis.

So for example a few weeks ago I was getting a pre prepared meal out of the oven had an athertoid movement and slightly burnt my arm.

Although it was a slight burn I let my Dr know so that there was a record of it, because I am sure that when I do get assessed I would have forgotten about it, So my advice to you is if you have falls or minor scratches and grazes then inform your GP straight away. Not because you necessarily want them to do anything about it but when the DWP writes to your GP they will have dates over a period of time when you have small accidents,

This will be evidence of the difficulties you have through having a disability

The other thing I have done is that I have already spoken to my sister to ask if she would come with me when I go for the assessment so I would start to think about who you would like to take with you to support you

I hope this helps, and I completely empathise with the way you are feeling.


I would agree with dusty. Try and think of things day to day that affect you. The way you manage your condition. Try not to think about it too much, added stress isn't good. When it comes to the day you will know where to get your evidence from doctors etc. The way I think of it is I get the level of support I receive for a good reason. You have to carry on day to day because you could be worrying for a year and a half and that's a long time!!


Thanks guys. That makes sense. Feel a bit better now.


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