Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy
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What's your largest challenge you have had to overcome to date?

I have had to overcome a lot of barriers in my life. However, I have managed to paraglide , canoe, horse ride, assail and achieve Duke of Edinburghs' Award which was great. I was introduced to these activities at the Calvert Trust outdoor holiday centre. There is no physical barriers to your disability at the Calvert Trust. The staff and volunteers make anything possible. For more information visit:

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I like you have had to overcome loads of obsticles, I think the thing that I am still to this day proudest of is teaching myself to ride a two wheeled bike, despite lots of people saying it's not possible. But even at the age of 9 when I started trying to ride one, I wasn't going to be beaten. It took a long time, but I managed it. I started on my younger brothers bike (that was way too small for me, but easy for me to get on and off and less far to fall!!) by scooting it around and down slopes until I could balance enough to get my feet on the pedals, then get fast enough to hold myself up. Once I had mastered that, after months of falling off. I was off!! and my parents bought me my own two wheeler. I was so determined to master it as I was desperate for a mountain bike like my friends had, and to be able to ride around the woods as my trike wasn't any good off road


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