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Anyone else have bunions due to CP? How do you cope?

I've had bunions (both feet) since I was 11. I'm 24 now and have avoided the idea of surgery for years. Problem is, my left foot which is worse anyway is starting to get worse - my toes are angling away from my foot, making the actual bunion more pointed and sore with the pressure - I keep wanting to smash it with a hammer just to relieve the pressure! Walking on my left side is painful now too because all I'm using is the bunion and my big toe which now kills constantly.

So whose had surgery? What was it like recovery and pain wise.?

What other pain relief strategies are there before surgery? How did you know when it was time to go under the knife?

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yes I have bunions due to cp, I was basically told at the age of 18 (I'm now 26) not to worry about them unless they are really painful or causing me major problems. The worst thing I find is that they make my feet really wide and getting footwear was a nightmare before I started wearing splints again.


I know some people avoid having bunion surgery because they may have heard some misnomers that guide their decision. I have also experienced bunion pain on and off for about a year but after having my surgery. My pain was gone and so was the bunion but that does not mean that I have recovered in a day or two. It took me about 8 weeks to recover from it. With good pain management it was only mildly uncomfortable and slightly inconvenient for a few weeks so I would highly recommend it. It can take approx six months for the cut bone to completely cure. Here are some useful precautions that could help you in recuperation.

•Use a cold pack or ice to reduce soreness but don’t use a heating pad at all.

•Take bath habitually on if you are careful not to get the foot drenched.

•Keep the bandage desiccated for at least two weeks after surgery but if the bandage becomes drenched or bleeds through then you should go to your surgeon right away.

• Wear a surgical shoe throughout the curative process because it will guard your foot and lessen the amount of weight applied to it.

•Never amend the bandage except instructed to do by the doctor.

• Do not drive unless your surgeon feels you are all set.

•Keep your foot elevated for at least a week after surgery.

Check this link for more info:


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