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Hello & question

Hi, everyone!

I'm Mandy; I'm 25 and I have cerebral palsy and I just found this site today. Both my younger brother and I have cerebral palsy, but his case is more severe than mine. I received disability benefits until I was 19 and got married. Then, suddenly they decided I wasn't disabled anymore. I feel like even though I know I am capable of working, my quite obvious limp and inability to type as fast as most people are holding me back. I have striven my whole life not to let it hold me back. I'm two classes away from a Bachelor in Psychology, but I'm working a minimum wage job as merchandising and customer assistance. Lately, my most affected leg has been giving me a huge problem and I cannot afford to go the doctor. My knee feels weak and there are sharp pains behind it, almost cramp-like. The portion of my femur below the osteotomy has a band of firmness under the swelling. I really don't know what is going on. Has anyone had a rotational osteotomy of their femur and had it give them problems nearly a decade after the surgery? Does anyone know how this will continue to change throughout my life?

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Hi there,

A femur Osteotomy is a major operation and can have many risks attached to it.

I live in the UK and I have access to the NHS healthcare system I know many countries do not have this. However your symptoms would need to be checked out by a healthcare professional since there may be underlying conditions/complications especially after 10 years.


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