Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy




I’m back from a week away in Mallorca. Accessibility was really good in Porta de Polensa and Polensa. However, dropped kerbs are placed randomly and there is a lack of disabled toilets. The villa was nice and it had a swimming pool with a ramp (see website - I also hired my equipment out there. I hired a wheelchair, shower chair and a walker. Easier than taking mine with me (see: The airport assistance was great a Palma and Jet 2 were fine. if you want to holiday in a vibrant resort with lots of restaurants and bars and shops – then go for it!

I could swim in the sea with the option of using a beach buggy. SEE -

8/10 = accessibility

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I was in mallorca the week before last, I was in alcudia and porta de polensa.

It's lovely there! because our villa was a long walk from town we had to get taxis, I found them very efficient and all the cars were easy to get in and out of, which is very important to me.

I am planning to go back next year!