Hairy cell leukaemia

Hairy cell leukaemia

Hi. My name is Frank and I've just joined this forum. I was diagnosed with HCL and successfully treated with cladribine back in 2003, since when I have pretty much been fine and on no medication at all.

However, since June I have been having monthly blood tests and visits to my haematologist. It now looks very likely that I will have a course of cladribine chemo in the next month or so. My key blood counts have declined, and I have experienced a couple of infections recently - night sweats, weight loss, fatigue etc.

Has anyone had the subcutaneous injection form of cladribine recently? if so, I'd be interested in hearing how it went for you. Also, I'm quite happy discussing my experiences of living with HCL with anyone, for example anyone recently diagnosed who may be worried about what the future may bring.

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  • Frank

    Thank you for joining our forum. I hope you get some answers to your questions from other patients who have experience with Subcut cladribine.

    please contact our care line if you need any further support. 08088010444

  • Frank: same year of diagnosis. I had a relapse in 2011, and had subcutaneous injections of cladribine. Once I got over the thought of stomach injections by being told they were subcutaneous, all was fine: and same as line infusion before: no side effects. All goes well now. You will 'walk it': no problem.


  • Thanks Mike, glad it all went well for you. The jab certainly seems simpler than the 4 hours drips I had back in 2003, so fingers crossed, like you say, I'll sail through it.

  • Surprisingly, despite mixed blood results when I saw my consultant a fortnight ago fully expecting chemo to start... I'm still on watch and wait... next appointment in mid February.... funnily enough I feel fine now, my missing energy has returned, so we'll see how it goes....

    Been tied up the last week or so having quite a lot of the house redecorated... not DIY, ha, I'd end up with more paint on me than on the walls.

    Regards, Frank

  • Frank, Seems all is under control. I am glad your bloods were OK last time: so were mine. All the best. Mike

  • Hi Mike,

    Glad you're also doing ok - my next test is mid July, a lot more reassuring with a few months since last appt, after nine months of blood tests every month and 'will they/ won't they give me chemo'. Even back doing regular cycling recently.

    Cheers, Frank

  • All the best. Mike

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