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Hairy cell leukaemia - 3 months after chemo

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Hi, Telephone consultation with my haematologist this morning, rather stunning blood test results - haemoglobin up from 110 to 135 so now normal... white cell count up from 1.7 to 4.1 so now normal, neutrophils up from 1.2 to 2.4 so now normal, although platelets down from 138 to 106 so still not in the normal range.

That was my first blood test in 5 weeks, and as I've been feeling so much stronger and not getting at all breathless the last couple of weeks, I was expecting decent blood results, but these have rather astounded me. Looks like there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back to April when I was in hospital for 2 separate weeks with sepsis, then had my subcutaneous cladribine treatment in May, now it feels like I'm a different person. I'm so grateful for the help my two daughters and also my ex-wife gave me back then, it really helped me on the road to recovery, whether it was the housework they did, or cooking meals, or just having someone here to talk to, their company made a huge difference.

14 Replies
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Great news, Frank!

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frankmok in reply to TishH

Thanks Tish, hope all ok with you.

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Frank yes, great news. Thank you for sharing. Really uplifting to hear you are doing so well after such a miserable time of it for a while. Take it steady. Onwards and upwards.


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frankmok in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Thanks Nick, appreciated.

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Good news! Praying it continues for you.

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Thanks, hope things going well with you too.

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Hi Ya, gosh a lot has happened to you in a short time, it's good news, which must be a weird feeling. It was so lovely to hear your gratitude to your 2 daughters and ex-wife. Sometimes just having someone to talk to or to do the practical jobs in life makes such a difference. You and your body have been through a lot emotionally and physically and I find it takes time for my batteries to charge up. I also have this reoccurring habit of feeling better then overdoing it. I hope there is something wonderful at the end of the tunnel. Take lots of care of yourself.

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frankmok in reply to 2003UK

Thanks, good hearing from you - I find that some days are better than others, maybe if I've overdone it, I get a slow-down reaction? Perhaps we all do.

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😀 Glad everything is going well for you

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frankmok in reply to LineofDuty

Thanks - I try to tell myself watch out, it might not all be plain sailing from now, but then again.... it's a great feeling having a fair bit of energy back after not being able to do much at all.

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That sounds Fab! Really pleased for you! Also, just a thing, over 100 for platelets is really Ok, so, don't be too worried (I'm sure they already told you that though)

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frankmok in reply to DrunkJam_UK

Thanks - my platelets seem to go up and down at random, the last few years they've ranged from 56 to 161. Hope you're doing ok.

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That's so good to hear.

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